5 Things to do in Jerome and Cottonwood, AZ

Jerome is known as one of the most haunted towns that exists built on the side of a mountain. My fiancé and I recently stayed in Cottonwood to explore Jerome. The town of Jerome itself is such a cool spectacle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until we got home from the trip that I realized I didn’t get any photos of the town! I found one landscape photo of the desert taken from a parking lot in Jerome. 

However, below I am listing out at least 5 things that you can do in either Jerome or Cottonwood as they are about 15 minutes away from each other. Most of these will have to do with food, wine or beer.

View from the parking area in Jerome

The Haunted Hamburger

This burger joint is located near the top of the mountain near the Ghost Town Tours. The menu gives you a brief history on how the restaurant came to be and how the restaurant itself is known as one of the local haunts. The burgers themselves are incredible. You can also find beer from local breweries as well as breweries in Flagstaff, AZ and Phoenix.

The restaurant features indoor and outdoor seating. If it’s available I absolutely recommend going for the outdoor seating as you get to have an amazing view of the rest of the town as well as the desert landscape beyond.

Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes

After eating such a tasty burger the best way to work it off is to walk it off. Jerome is amazing because if you start at the top you can walk your way down the sidewalk and stumble upon all of the shops they have to offer. Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes is bar far one of the more interesting and fun shops there. As you can guess it’s a shop full of kaleidoscopes. They have kaleidoscopes ranging for the fun toys we remember as kids to elaborate and beautiful kaleidoscopes that are too large to hold and cost around $1000. Even if you don’t buy one of the kaleidoscopes they have it’s a shop you can get lost and mesmerized in for quite a while. 

Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room

If you’re a fan of the band Tool and love wine then look no further than these tasting rooms. The lead singer of Tool, Maynard James Keenan, has a vineyard in the Jerome/Cottonwood area where he curates wine that you are able to taste, and if you choose, buy a bottle of wine. 

We stopped into the tasting room in Jerome and it has a rustic and cozy feeling. We did not stay to try the wine as we needed to drive back down to Cottonwood to check into our hotel. However, we had already decided that we would be going to the Merkin Vineyards tasting room that is located in old town Cottonwood. Here, it has a more modern industrial look. You can try a flight of wine and get some amazing in season food that comes from Maynards farm. 

The State Bar

After we had gotten a quick appetizer of bruschetta and a flight of wine at the tasting room we walked down to this beer and wine bar. As we got there it started to lightly rain and lightening started to light up the 5 o’clock night sky. The amazing thing about this bar, other than the local beers and wines you can find, is it has three large garage doors that the owner opened up so everyone could enjoy the weather. 

The rain had calmed down so we sat down outside on their large patio and watched the lightening and enjoyed the fresh 70 degree weather outside. When the rain picked up we headed back inside right next to one of the open garage doors and sat down on one of the homey couches available. 

The State Bar Interior

Pizzaria Bocce

As the storm was going on and we were a few beers in we started to get pretty hungry. We noticed that some of the local regulars at the state bar had gone next door to Pizzeria Bocce and picked up some food and brought it back to The State Bar. We were inspired and pizza sounded like the perfect pairing to our beverages. 

We got ourselves a mini feast with a Prosciutto and Arugula pizza and fondue with bread and veggies. We sat at the bar, enjoyed our food and drink, and also got to meet some fun people who seemed to be regulars at the bar. The entire ambiance created an amazing experience and provided for the perfect quick getaway we had needed from living in the city.

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